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P0058 Kia Amanti

P0058 is a not too common and OBDII trouble code that occurs in the Kia Amanti. It indicates that the heated oxygen sensor (which we’ll be referring to as HO2S a lot) heater control circuit located at B2S2 is sending a signal to the PCM that is outside of its normal operating range. In this case, the signal is higher than it should be.

P0058 should not be considered a breakdown risk. The HO2S in question is downstream of the catalytic converter and is mainly just for emissions purposes. The upstream oxygen sensors do most of the heavy lifting in terms of air/fuel ration confirmation.

P0058 is almost always a bad HO2S or a wiring issue.

Acronyms in this Article:

  • HO2S– Heated Oxygen Sensor
  • B2S2– Bank 2, Sensor 2
  • PCM– Powertrain Control Module (sometimes called ECM)

P0058 Definition: HO2S – Heater Control Circuit High – B2S2

Here are the three parts to the definition of P0058. The first part is the malfunctioning part on your Amanti, the second part indicates what is wrong, and the third part tells you where the malfunctioning HO2S is located.


The heated oxygen sensor measures the exhaust content after it exits the catalytic converter. The PCM uses this data to maintain the proper 14.7:1 air/fuel ratio. But, as stated above, the downstream O2 sensor’s primary function is to measure exhaust gasses exiting the catalytic converter.

Heater Control Circuit High

The heated element within your Kia Amanti’s oxygen sensor heats the sensor faster than the exhaust can on its own. This reduces emissions by letting the fuel trim enter closed loop operation more quickly.

In the case of P0058, your Amanti’s PCM has detected that the heater control circuit resistance is outside the manufacturer’s specified range.

Bank 2 Sensor 2

Hopefully, your O2 sensor is this easy to get to.

Bank 2 Sensor 2 is the location of the oxygen sensor. Bank 1 is the side of your Amanti’s engine with the first cylinder. Bank 2 is usually (but not guaranteed) to be the cylinder head that is a little further back from the engine accessories.

Sensor 2 is the first oxygen sensor “downstream” of the catalytic converter.

P0058 Symptoms: Kia Amanti

There usually aren’t any noticeable symptoms for P0058, whatsoever.

P0058 Kia Amanti: Causes and Diagnosis

P0058 Diagnosis

Here are the most common causes of P0058 in the Kia Amanti, as well as a decent order to check them in.

1. Check the Wiring on Bank 2 Sensor 2

CHECK THE WIRING HARNESS FOR DAMAGE since P0058 indicates a fault in the heated O2 sensor circuit.

Pay extra close attention to where the harness may have rubbed up against something or has been damaged by road debris. Look for burnt, frail, or damaged wiring. Wiring issues are a VERY COMMON cause for P0058.

Take a look at where your Amanti’s oxygen sensor plugs into the wiring harness and see if there has been any damage to the pins or if the wiring harness is breaking at the pigtail.

If the pins appear corroded, get some electrical contact cleaner and clean them up. If they are damaged, you will need to repin or replace your wiring harness.

2a. Verify the O2 Sensor is Bad- Swap Test

Since your Amanti happens to be a V6 or V8 model, you can do the “swap test”

This test involves clearing the codes and seeing if the code “jumps” to bank 1. It’s a great test because it’s foolproof and easy to do.

Here’s how the swap test is done:

  • Clear the DTC codes with your scanner.
  • Swap the Bank 2 Sensor 2 O2 sensor with the Bank 1 Sensor 2. It’ll be right after the catalytic converter on each side of the exhaust.
  • Run your Amanti’s engine until the check engine light comes back on.
  • If the code changes to P0038 (The Bank 1 version of this code), that’s proof enough you need to replace the oxygen sensor you swapped.
  • If the code remains P0058, you’ll need to continue pursuing your diagnosis, knowing that both O2 sensors are working fine.

2b. Check the O2 Sensor Heater Resistance

You can test the heater element resistance. This will for sure verify whether the heated element is bad or not.

If there is voltage at the heater circuit, you’ll need to test the ground for resistance. If you find infinite resistance, you’ll need to repair the ground circuit.

This YouTube video can help you learn how to test it.

3. Bad Oxygen Sensor

If the oxygen sensor wiring checked out or the code jumped with the swap test, it’s time to replace the heated oxygen sensor at B2S2. Oxygen sensors go bad all the time. It’s very unlikely that P0058 is caused by a PCM issue.


P0058 in the Kia Amanti is almost always caused by a bad wiring harness or heated oxygen sensor. You can do the swap test to easily verify if the O2 sensor is bad or not.

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