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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular SUVs on the market, offering a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for drivers who want an all-inclusive vehicle. One of these features is its Start/Stop system, designed to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency.

Unfortunately, this system can sometimes be unreliable, leading to the Start/Stop Unavailable Service Stop/Start System Message.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stop Unavailable

What Causes the Start/Stop Unavailable Message?

The most common cause of this message is a weak battery or a loose connection.

The Start/Stop system requires a certain amount of power for it to function correctly, so a weak battery or loose connection can cause it to malfunction.

Additionally, the system may not work if there is an issue with the vehicle’s sensors or wiring going to the battery.

How to Change the Jeep Grand Cherokees Aux Battery?

Changing the aux battery almost always fixes the Start/Stop unavailable message in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Below is a guide on changing the Aux battery on a 2011+ Jeep Grand Cherokee. I’m writing this in 2023. So if you’re reading this in the future, the steps may have changed for a brand new model.

  1. Gain access to the battery compartment. You’ll do this by sliding the passenger seat all the way forward.
  2. Pry the cover off with your hands. No tools are needed. You’ll see two batteries. The aux battery is the smaller of the two.
  3. Remove the aux battery’s negative cable (13mm for most years).
  4. Disconnect the main battery’s negative cable.
  5. Remove the positive battery cable from the main battery.
  6. There will be a strap holding the aux battery in. It should need a 10mm socket and an extension to reach.
  7. Pull the battery and reverse the steps to replace it.

Is it Safe to Drive With Stop/Start Disabled?

It is completely safe to drive the Jeep Grand Cherokee with Start/Stop Disabled.

The Start/Stop unavailable message indicates that there is an issue with the small auxiliary battery that reduces the notable voltage drop when the Start/Stop feature is enabled.

The Grand Cherokee’s primary battery is still fine unless you see the traditional battery light.

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