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The 2006 Honda Accords airbag fuse is located in the interior fuse panel, slot 22.

The reason you can’t find the airbag fuse is in 2006; Honda labeled this fuse IG SRS. SRS stands for “Supplemental Restraining System” and is interchangeable with the term airbag on Japanese-made cars.

The 2006 Accord's airbag fuse is located in slot 22
Source 2006 Honda Accord Owners Manual; Page 261

2006 Accord Interior Fusebox Location

In order to replace the airbag fuse on the ’06 Accord, you will need to get to the interior fuse box. To do so, open the driver’s door. The interior fuse box is right above the hood release.

Pop it open on the left side and pull it out. After that, you’ll have access to the entire fuse box. Take a look at the fuse diagram above. The airbag fuse will be in the middle row all the way to the right. It’s marked with a green circle.

How to Test a Fuse

Testing the fuse is a great place to start if your Honda Accord has an airbag light on.

Visual Inspection

You can pull and visually inspect the fuse. If it’s blown, it should look like this:

In the image above, the element that connects the two blades of the fuse is clearly broken. If your ’06 Accord’s airbag fuse looks like this, replace it with another 10 amp fuse. A fuse that blows once is almost always going to fail again.

If the fuse looks fine, and you have an extra 10 amp fuse, swap it out anyway. Sometimes a blown fuse will still look ok.

Test Light

If you have a test light, you can test a fuse without even pulling it from the fuse box.

First, ground the test light. Next, look at the top of the fuses. You’ll see an exposed metal divet on each side. With the key in the on position, touch both sides.

If only one side makes the test light illuminate, you know that the fuse isn’t transferring voltage to the other, and it needs to be replaced.

Airbag Light On Quick Tips

Once you locate the 2006 Honda Accord’s airbag fuse and test it, if it turns out fine, you may have an issue with:

  • The clock spring– The clock spring is part of your 2006 Accord’s steering wheel and allows the harness to turn freely without twisting. If your steering wheel controls aren’t working, this is likely the reason.
  • Airbag– Your car’s airbag is released by a chemical explosion.  It can inflate the bag in 30ms.  Here’s a detailed video on how an airbag system works.
  • Sensors-  Your Accord’s airbag module takes data from the wheel speed sensors, brake pressure sensor, seat pressure sensors, seat buckle sensors, gyroscopes, and a sensor that tries to detect if you’re in a crash (often referred to as the MEMS sensor).
  • Passenger Airbag Switch– Some vehicles are equipped with a manual airbag switch for the passenger seat that can be turned on and off with the key.  Most have a sensor under the front seat that weighs the occupant.  If they aren’t heavy enough, the passenger airbag will not deploy in a collision.

This list is just an excerpt from a much more detailed article on diagnosing an airbag light on the Honda Accord. It’s linked directly below.

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