Oldsmobile Silhouette Check Engine Light On: Why and What to Do | Drivetrain Resource

The check engine is the most common warning light that appears in the Oldsmobile Silhouette’s instrument cluster.  Well over half of this site’s ...

Oldsmobile Aurora Key Fob Not Working: 5 Common Causes | Drivetrain Resource

If your Oldsmobile Aurora’s key fob is not working, the most common reason is a dead battery. Followed by water damage or fob failure.  ...

Oldsmobile Bravada Rough Idle Causes + Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource

If you own a Oldsmobile Bravada and it’s idling rough, you may be feeling frustrated. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common causes of ...

Oldsmobile Aurora Metal Shavings in Oil: Causes | Drivetrain Resource

If your Oldsmobile Aurora has metal shavings in the oil, it almost always indicates engine damage, but it’s not always easy to tell what is causing the ...

Oldsmobile Silhouette RPM Goes Up and Down While Parked: Causes | Drivetrain Resource

When your Oldsmobile Silhouette is in Park, its engine RPM level (revolutions per minute) should stay relatively even. If it doesn’t, ...

Oldsmobile Bravada: Symptoms of Bad Shocks or Struts | Drivetrain Resource

Shocks and struts typically don’t last for the lifetime of a vehicle, If your Oldsmobile Bravada is experiencing poor handling, excessive wear on tires ...

Oldsmobile Silhouette Tire Pressure Light: Causes + How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

The TPMS light indicates that your Oldsmobile Silhouette’s tire pressure is above or below the minimum threshold set by the manufacturer.   ...

Oldsmobile Bravada Shakes When Idle: Causes and How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

It can be very jarring when your Oldsmobile Bravada shakes when idle.  If your Bravada has this problem, many issues can cause it.  We’ve lined out ...

Oldsmobile Aurora Speedometer Not Working: Causes + How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

One of the most inconvenient things that can happen to your Oldsmobile Aurora is when the speedometer stops working.  You don’t realize how much you ...

Oldsmobile Bravada P0020: Meaning, Causes, Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource

P0020 is a rarely seen OBD II trouble code that can affect the Oldsmobile Bravada. It’s a variable valve timing (VVT) related code, ...

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