Ford Flex P0020: Meaning, Causes, Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource

P0020 is a rarely seen OBD II trouble code that can affect the Ford Flex. It’s a variable valve timing (VVT) related code, indicating a ...

Ford Flex P0001: Causes + How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

P0001 is a rarely seen OBD II error code. It indicates an issue with your Ford Flex’s Fuel Volume Regulator (FVR) Control System. P0001 ...

Ford Flex P0234 Code: Causes + How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

Your Ford Flex’s electrical system provides early warning signs of possible trouble. Each of those warnings has a unique error code to help ...

Ford Flex Humming Noise Getting Louder With Speed: How to Fix

If your Ford Flex has a humming noise at high speed, it can be distracting and, depending on the cause, dangerous. We’ve outlined the most common ...

Ford Flex Dash Light Flicker and No Start: How to Fix

Dash lights flickering and failure to start is a very common issue that can happen to the Ford Flex. While your first impulse may be to think that ...

Ford Flex P0324: Meaning, Causes, + Likely Fix

P0324 is a common OBD2 trouble code. It indicates that there is an issue with your Ford Flex’s knock control system. While P0324 is a generic code, ...

Ford Flex P0026: Symptoms, Causes, + Common Fixes

P0026 is a code that signals an issue with your Ford Flex’s intake valve control solenoid circuit. In layman’s terms, the circuit is not complying with ...

Ford Flex P0152: Causes + Easy Diagnosis

P0152 is a common OBDII code that occurs in many vehicles, including the Ford Flex. It indicates that the bank 2 sensor 1 O2 sensor is reporting a ...

Ford Flex: P0008 Code Diagnosis

P0008 is a somewhat uncommon OBD2 trouble code that can occur in the Ford Flex. It indicates that the crankshaft and camshaft are not synchronized ...

Ford Flex P144C: Meaning, Causes, + Diagnosis

P144C is a Ford-only DTC trouble code, and as such, it applies to your Ford Flex. It indicates that the EVAP canister purge check valve is not ...

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