Honda City Heater Only Works While Driving: 5 Common Causes | Drivetrain Resource

If your Honda City’s heat only works when driving, there are five leading causes you should check.  They are low coolant, air pockets, a ...

Honda City Check Engine Light On: Why and What to Do | Drivetrain Resource

The check engine is the most common warning light that appears in the Honda City’s instrument cluster.  Well over half of this site’s content is ...

Honda City Soft Brake Pedal Causes | Drivetrain Resource

If your Honda City has a soft brake pedal, it is a sign of a serious brake system issue. It’s usually caused by air entering the system in some way ...

Honda City RPM Goes Up and Down While Parked: Causes | Drivetrain Resource

When your Honda City is in Park, its engine RPM level (revolutions per minute) should stay relatively even. If it doesn’t, there’s likely ...

Honda City P0020: Meaning, Causes, Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource

P0020 is a rarely seen OBD II trouble code that can affect the Honda City. It’s a variable valve timing (VVT) related code, indicating a ...

Honda City P0001: Causes + How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

P0001 is a rarely seen OBD II error code. It indicates an issue with your Honda City’s Fuel Volume Regulator (FVR) Control System. P0001 ...

Honda City P0011: What it Means + How to Fix

P0011 is a common (and serious) OBD II diagnostic trouble code that can occur in the Honda City. It indicates an issue with your car’s ...

Honda City Humming Noise Getting Louder With Speed: How to Fix

If your Honda City has a humming noise at high speed, it can be distracting and, depending on the cause, dangerous. We’ve outlined the most common ...

Honda City Dash Light Flicker and No Start: How to Fix

Dash lights flickering and failure to start is a very common issue that can happen to the Honda City. While your first impulse may be to think that ...

Honda City P0152: Causes + Easy Diagnosis

P0152 is a common OBDII code that occurs in many vehicles, including the Honda City. It indicates that the bank 2 sensor 1 O2 sensor is reporting a ...
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