Dodge Challenger Radio Stopped Working: Causes + How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

Has the radio in your Dodge Challenger stopped working?  If so, there are three common causes for this issue.  They are a blown fuse, loose ...

Dodge Challenger Soft Brake Pedal Causes | Drivetrain Resource

If your Dodge Challenger has a soft brake pedal, it is a sign of a serious brake system issue. It’s usually caused by air entering the system in some ...

Dodge Challenger: Symptoms of Bad Shocks or Struts | Drivetrain Resource

Shocks and struts typically don’t last for the lifetime of a vehicle, If your Dodge Challenger is experiencing poor handling, excessive wear on tires ...

Dodge Challenger P0001: Causes + How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

P0001 is a rarely seen OBD II error code. It indicates an issue with your Dodge Challenger’s Fuel Volume Regulator (FVR) Control System. ...

Dodge Challenger P0175: Causes, Diagnosis, How to Fix | Drivetrain Resource

P0175 is a common trouble code that can appear in the Dodge Challenger. It’s generic, so it has the same meaning for your car as it would ...

Dodge Challenger P0725 Code: Meaning, Causes, + Diagnosis

P0725 is a common OBD2 code that can occur in the Dodge Challenger. It indicates an issue with the engine speed sensor input circuit (which measures ...

Dodge Challenger P2271: Meaning, Causes, + Diagnosis

P2271 is a generic DTC trouble code that can affect the Dodge Challenger. It indicates that the oxygen sensor located on bank 1 in the second ...

Dodge Challenger P2279 Code: Meaning, Causes, and Diagnosis

P2279 is a generic OBD-II code. It indicates there is a vacuum leak coming from your Dodge Challenger’s air intake system. While P2279 is a ...

Dodge Challenger P0605: Meaning, Causes, + Fix

P0605 is a relatively rare OBD-II trouble code that can occur in the Dodge Challenger. It indicates that PCM (powertrain control module) is not ...

Dodge Challenger P0116: Meaning, Causes, + Diagnosis

P0116 indicates that your Dodge Challenger’s engine coolant temperature sensor is sending a signal to the PCM (powertrain control module) that is ...
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